A Smart UHF RFID Sensor System for High-Temperature Measurements in Switchgears (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013)

Dr Ralf Hildebrandt, Researcher
Fraunhofer IPMS
Apr 17, 2013.


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Presentation Summary

We present an RFID system that is used in a switchgears to monitor the temperature of the contact points of copper busbars. The switchgear is equipped with an RFID reader and several RFID tags. Each tag is build up by an RFID chip, an internal microcontroller and temperature sensors. This system is designed to withstand and measure temperatures up to 170°C.
Our RFID sensor system is a flexible platform, which can be extended with new external and internal sensors (e.g. humidity, pressure) and new microcontroller peripherals. The included microcontroller offers application development using software methods.

Speaker Biography (Ralf Hildebrandt)

Born in Germany in 1978, studied Electrical Engineering and worked several years in the communications industry. He made his Master of Science (german Diplomingenieur) and Phd at the Dresden University of Technology on information technology. He works at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems on digital circuit and software design for RFID transponders and microcontrollers.

Company Profile (Fraunhofer IPMS)

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The Fraunhofer IPMS and its Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT) develops semiconductor technologies on 300 mm wafers and integrates innovative functionalities into existing CMOS platforms. The most prominent fields of research are emerging non-volatile memories with special focus on devices with ferroelectric CMOS-compatible materials and miniaturized power management systems employing batteries, harvesters and highly capacitive elements for energy storage to enable self-powered microsystems.
For leading edge research, the CNT uses a broad and flexible tool and process platform. The Screening Fab concept invites consumable suppliers, tool vendors and semiconductor manufacturers to evaluate new materials and fabrication processes. The service portfolio covers qualification of manufacturing steps such as cleaning and etching, copper plating and CMP or the evaluation of new precursors for atomic layer deposition. In addition, CNT offers a broad spectrum of techniques for physical failure analysis and semiconductor device characterization.
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