A Successful Item Level Tracking Pharmaceutical Project Utilizing UHF Technology (RFID Smart Labels USA 2007)

Mr Harry Ramsey, Senior Package Development Engineer
Purdue Pharma, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • How Purdue Pharma successfully approached the utilization of UHF RFID technology into the supply chain at the item and case level
  • Purdue Pharma's Item Level tagging project from its early conception, the pilot stages, and the migration from Class 0 to GEN2 technology.
  • Purdue's experiences as well as those of it's label converting partner (George Schmitt & Co.)
  • This joint presentation will explore the challenges, successes, learnings, and experiences of the first major item level pharma tagging project that was undertaken in the marketplace.

Speaker Biography

Harry Ramsey is the Senior Package Development Engineer for Purdue Pharma L.P., where he has worked for nine years. He is a graduate of the Michigan State University School of Packaging, and has been an alternate member of the Institute of Packaging Professionals Drug & Pharmaceutical Packaging Committee since 1997. Ramsey was a member of the project team at Purdue Pharma L.P. that designed and launched the first fully-integrated EPC tagged product at the unit-level. The system went live November 2004 and utilizes UHF Class 0 tags. Currently, he is a member of the project team tasked with upgrading Purdue Pharma's current RFID pilot with newly available technologies.

Company Profile

"Purdue Pharma L.P. is known for its pioneering research on a principal cause of human suffering: chronic pain. Together with The Purdue Frederick Company and other independent associated companies, Purdue has been dedicated to serving both physicians and patients with innovative prescription and non-prescription products for more than 50 years."