Active RFID 2006-2016 (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mr Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development
IDTechEx, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • The size of the Active RFID market 2006-2016
  • Comparison of technologies
  • Hot sectors, impediments, opportunities and trends

Speaker Biography

Dan Lawrence MSE, is contributing to IDTechEx as VP business development. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he received both his BSE and MSE in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan. As a scientist for Flint Ink, Dan conceived the idea to use high speed printing processes to layer specially designed inks to function in RFID antenna, smart packages, and printed electronics. He was an early representative of the Auto-ID Center and was the first to demonstrate ePC class 1 tags with multiple meter read range having antenna printed with high speed processes. He has contributed to a book and several articles on printed electronics and is advising companies on how they can find opportunity in the historic merging of the printing and electronics industries.

Company Profile

IDTechEx provides independent analysis on the development and application of RFID, smart packaging and printed electronics
IDTechEx is a knowledge based company specializing in RFID smart labels, smart packaging and printed electronics. The company gives strictly independent marketing, technical and business advice and services on these subjects. It is in three forms - consultancy, publications and conferences. Staff are mainly honors graduates specializing in the subject. They travel intensively, visiting many conferences, universities and companies to learn and interpret the latest information. Indeed, IDTechEx is unusually international in its reach, with directors in the US and UK and technical associates in Japan, Spain and elsewhere. IDTechEx technical staff and associates speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, French, Dutch and many other languages.
Consultancy is carried out for a wide variety of clients across the world, recent examples including Hewlett Packard US, Polytechnos Germany, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, QinetiQ UK, Rexam US etc. Consultancy includes business and technical due diligence for investors and companies seeking licenses, guidance on technological trends and business plans and presentation of tailor made tutorials. IDTechEx has also recommended optimal technologies for certain product designs and product positioning sought by clients.
IDTechEx publications include introductory material such as "The Smart Label Revolution" "Smart Packaging" and "Printed Electronics" plus in depth analysis of aspects such as "RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities", "The Future of Chipless RFID" "Item Level RFID" And "Smart Tagging and Smart Packaging in Healthcare". IDTechEx also publishes the monthly web journals "Smart Labels Analyst" and "Smart Packaging Journal" which contain in depth analysis and reports on the many conferences staff attend worldwide. IDTechEx has the world's largest database of RFID case histories, containing over 1,500 RFID case studies see External Link for more information.
The IDTechEx conferences are annual and include Smart labels USA, Asia and Europe, Active RFID, Food and Livestock Traceability, Printed Electronics USA and Europe, and Intelligent and Smart Packaging. IDTechEx only does conferences on subjects where it is a globally acknowledged expert.
Further information
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