Active RFID for Asset Tracking at GE (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mrs Lynn DeRose, Researcher
General Electric, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • Approach to Technology Evaluation
  • Results of Testing
  • Pilot Results
  • Future Plans

Speaker Biography

Lynn DeRose has worked at General Electric's Global Research Center for 15 years. She is the project leader for RFID implementation at NBC Universal and GE Aviation. Her formal education is in Chemistry but she has been working in the field of asset tracking and RFID Systems for the past 4 years.

Company Profile

GE is a global company --- half of our 300,000+ employees work outside the U.S. We have operations and customers in more than 100 countries. And we know that our customers' opportunities for growth span the globe. GE is well positioned to meet the needs of our customers everywhere.
GE has a heritage of achieving firsts in industries that are vital to how we live and work today.
  • 1879 LIGHT BULB Edison invents the first carbon-filament incandescent lamp
  • 1927 HOME TELEVISION RECEPTION The first televised images were broadcast from GE's WRGB station
  • 1941 AMERICA'S FIRST JET ENGINE GE changes the course of history with its advancements in jet-powered aviation
  • 1960 DISCOVERER XIII GE's Discoverer XIII is the first man made object to be recovered from orbit
  • 1972 BREAKTHROUGH CT Capable of capturing detailed cross-sectional X-ray pictures of the human body in less than five seconds light
  • 1992 MARS OBSERVER NASA launches the Mars Observer, built by GE, into orbit
  • 1998 F414 JET ENGINE Powering Super Hornets off aircraft carriers, it's the US Navy's newest and most advanced jet engine
  • 2002 INNOVA GE introduces the first all-digital cardiovascular imaging system
  • 2003 WIND TURBINE Using only the power of the wind, these turbines are capable of producing 3.6 megawatts of electrical capability
  • 2003 H TURBINE The H Turbine is capable of providing enough power to light a million homes
  • 2004 LIGHTSPEED VCT A non-invasive imaging system that allows a comprehensive view of the heart and coronary arteries with sub-millimeter resolution in five seconds
GE's six businesses are organized to serve customers, be they industries, markets, even countries.