Active RFID in the Department of Defense (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mr Robert Hampe, President
LOGMATION Inc., United States


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Presentation Summary

  • What DoD has accomplished to date
  • What it has yet to do to fulfill its RFID mandate
  • What are the challenges and what may be next

Speaker Biography

Mr. Hampe has over 35 years of experience and is a leading practitioner of DoD logistics operations and successful promoter of technological innovation in logistics and other military and commercial operations including the applications of source data automation, information technology, supply chain management, asset visibility and inventory control, as well as associated business process reengineering and knowledge management initiatives. During his 26 years active duty as a naval officer, he excelled in improving waterfront and underway replenishment operations, HAZMAT transportation, satellite tracking, manufacturing and maintenance automation, fleet and theater logistics, joint deliberate planning, and ordnance life cycle management, as well as explosives safety and security, and gun systems. He retired with the rank of Captain. He is a recognized expert in the effective integration of Automatic Identification and Data Capture technologies into DoD logistics processes for the identification, location, tracking and monitoring of material as it moves through the supply chain and throughout its life cycle.
As President and co-owner of LOGMATION Inc., a technical consulting firm specializing in the application of source data automation systems to logistics and other governmental and commercial operations, Mr. Hampe is responsible for providing technical consulting services on the effective application of current and emerging technologies within the AIT industry.
He is currently the lead source data automation consultant for the Navy Automatic Identification Technology Program Office, the Naval Sea Systems Command AIDC Office, the Commander, Fleet and Industrial Supply Center's Logistics Automation Office, and the Advanced Technology Ordnance Surveillance Program, currently a DoD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration, which has developed a sensor-enabled RFID monitoring system now being adapted for Joint Military use. He is also, a Navy representative to the Joint Modular Intermodal Distribution System (JMIDS) team for demonstrating the innovative use of RFID technology in order to enable integrated asset tracking.
He was a leading member of the team that prepared the DoD AIT Implementation Plan and CONOPS, as well as the Navy representative to the Joint Asset Visibility Office initiative that planned and established what is now the largest active RFID In-transit visibility system in the world, which has been deployed by the DoD.
He is a founding and current member of the DoD Logistics AIT Integrated Product Team, the DoD Standards Working Group, and the Navy AIT Steering Group. He regular serves on the Joint AIT Acquisition Working Group, the Inter-National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS) Technical Committee (T6), and the AIM Global RFID Experts Group. Among other policy and standards boards and committees, Mr. Hampe is the AIT technologist for the Navy Packaging Board, and serves as a AIT technical consultant on the DoD MIL-STD 130 Working Group for standardizing identification marking of military property.
Additionally, he is an adjunct faculty member of the Ohio University AIDC Technical Institute and makes regular presentations at DoD and national organizations promoting technology exploration and exploitation for the DoD.
Recent document preparations include the Navy Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Implementation Plan (December 2005), Navy RFID Life Cycle Management Plan (April 2006), and the Navy Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) Implementation Manual (May 2006); all published by the Navy AIT Program Office.
Pepperdine University : Masters Degree in Resource Management (1976)
Baylor University: Bachelors Degree in Science Education (1967)

Company Profile

Logmation Inc. is a small business, technical consulting firm that assists government agencies and private industry in developing innovative and cost-effective logistics automation solutions.
Logmation specializes in Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), including, requirements development, business case analysis, the planning and execution of development projects, field test and evaluation, and unique systems implementations.
The primary focus area and experience base is in the application of AIDC capabilities to logistics processes. This involves the identification, tracking, locating and monitoring of DoD material, including hazardous material, such as sophisticated weapons and other conventional ordnance, in order to enhance asset visibility, and overall inventory management. Logmation has extensive experience in the application of sensor-based Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices, for environmental condition monitoring of individual items throughout their life cycle, as well as in AIDC packaging applications, including data standardization, labeling, tagging, and direct part marking, as well as unique identification initiatives