Active RFID Using Standard Wi-Fi: The Network Convergence (RFID Smart Labels USA 2006)

Mr Gabi Daniely, VP Marketing
Aeroscout, United States


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Speaker Biography

Mr. Gabi Daniely brings extensive experience in product marketing and management to the AeroScout team, and has led the company's entry into the RFID and WLAN location product markets. Prior to joining AeroScout, he led the product management and product marketing of Emblaze Systems, which supplies multimedia solutions to the cellular industry. He has also worked in IT Systems Management at Intel. Mr. Daniely has managed software and hardware products in a variety of fields including manufacturing, cellular and location based solutions, and has run the implementation and rollout of large-scale international professional services projects for cellular carriers. He earned a BSc. (Hons.) in Information Systems & Industrial Engineering, and an MBA, from Ben Gurion University, Israel.

Company Profile

AeroScout is the market leader in enterprise visibility solutions based on Wi-Fi and other wireless-networking standards. The AeroScout Visibility System utilizes the power of innovative positioning technology to provide real business benefits through real-time location (RTLS), active radio-frequency identification (Active RFID) and telemetry. AeroScout's partnerships with Cisco Systems, IBM Global Services and other leading technology providers have brought AeroScout hardware and software solutions to over 100 customers in health care, manufacturing, logistics and other industries.
The AeroScout Visibility System uses standard Wi-Fi wireless networks to accurately locate and track valuable assets such as equipment or people (using small AeroScout tags) or any 802.11-enabled wireless device (such as laptops and barcode scanners). By operating over popular wireless data communications standards, AeroScout's solutions add minimal incremental cost to a communications network and enable a broad set of applications. With AeroScout's innovative visibility software, customers turn location data into everyday decisions, to improve efficiency and ultimately drive a fast ROI.
AeroScout pioneered the Wi-Fi visibility market, introducing the industry's first Wi-Fi-based Active RFID tag. The company has been recognized for its innovative products by top publications, leading analysts and major industry awards (from Red Herring and FierceWiFi.)