Active tag ranges at passive tag prices (RFID Smart Labels USA 2007)

Mr Adam Button, CEO
Vubiq Inc, United States

Presentation Summary

  • Millimeter wave radar technology
  • Completely passive tags - no chip required
  • Read ranges in the hundreds of feet
  • Real time location and tracking

Company Profile

Vubiq, Inc. is an early stage corporation with patent-pending technology in the area of millimeter wave radio frequency identification (RFID) and real time locating systems (RTLS). Utilizing Vubiq's technology, items can be identified, located, and tracked utilizing extremely inexpensive tags and millimeter wave frequency radio transceivers ("readers") at significant ranges. Vubiq tags require no onboard electronics of any kind - neither a battery nor an integrated circuit. Rather, all that is required of a Vubiq tag is the printing of a small volume of conductive ink in pre-configured antenna patterns. With no requirement to "light up" a chip on a tag, Vubiq's readers will be able to detect a tag at ten times the range of traditional passive tag RFID systems. This long read range adds significantly to Vubiq's value proposition, as it enables 24x7 entire area scanning (versus only at portals, dock doors, etc.), eliminates the need for handheld readers, and allows for multiple asset classes to be tracked using the same reader infrastructure. Lastly, Vubiq's system allows tags to be tracked in real time, and located in three dimensions within centimeters. Vubiq's headquarters are located in Southern California.

Speaker Biography

Adam Button, CEO of Vubiq, has been with the company since its inception. He has held officer positions with a number of technology companies prior to Vubiq. Mr. Button also has significant experience in strategy consulting, having worked for both The Boston Consulting Group and LEK Consulting, and began his career in investment banking. Mr. Button earned his AB from Harvard, and received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.