Advancing Safe, Ultra-High Energy Solid-State Rechargeable Batteries (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2016)

Mr Douglas Campbell, Founder, President, and CEO
Solid Power
United States


USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Solid Power*

Speaker Biography (Douglas Campbell)

Doug Campbell is the CEO and a co-founder of Solid Power. He established the company as a spin-out business of the University of Colorado Boulder in 2012 and has led from early development into its current phase of achieving the first step of production scale. He has been instrumental in establishing the Company's strategy of focusing on rapid product development with follow-on iterations toward meeting customer requirements.
Mr. Campbell is a startup veteran with nearly 20 years of experience in hardware-based new technology developments. In parallel to Solid Power, Mr. Campbell co-founded and led Roccor, an industry leader in small satellite components.

Company Profile (Solid Power)

Solid Power is an industry-leading developer of next-generation all-solid-state batteries. With considerably higher energy and greatly improved safety, ASSBs have the potential to revolutionize future mobile power markets. Established in 2012, our world-class team of battery researchers and engineers are engaged in new material development and manufacturing scale-up in our Colorado-based facility.
Our state-of-the-art research facility and MWh-scale roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing line, enables new material development and rapid transition to scale. Our team is heavily focused on meeting our customers' and partners' performance, manufacturing, and economic requirements thereby accelerating widespread e-mobility.
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