An introduction to RuBee (IEEE P1902.1) and its use in real-time visibility networks (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mr John Stevens, Chairman P1902.1 Workgroup
Visible Assets Inc., United States


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Presentation Summary

  • RuBee or P1902.1 is an on-demand peer-to-peer network protocol that uses long wavelength (under 450 kHz) transceiver mode.
  • RuBee tags have ranges of 1' to 100' with a battery life of 10 years, 512-5K bytes of memory, and an optional 4 bit processor.
  • RuBee tags can be as small as 1.25" x 1.25" x 0.1", are not affected by water and work well around steel, as well as being cost competitive with other active tags and many passive tags with storage.
  • RuBee visibility networks have delivered significant ROI's in healthcare, government, and livestock.

Speaker Biography

Stevens is the founder and major investor in VAI. He has 20 years of entrepreneurial business experience and has founded four other technology-based companies all with successful international products. The most recent Visible Genetics Inc. (VGIN), a Biotech company specializes in DNA sequencing and genotyping. He served as Chairman and CEO for five years. During his tenure as CEO, he was responsible for a highly successful NASDAQ IPO, took the company from zero to annual revenues of $10.9 mm, with over 200 worldwide employees, and 500 customer sites. Under his leadership VGI developed its full product line of DNA sequencers, kits (HIV, HepC, HepB), software, created manufacturing facilities with all necessary cGMP quality systems, established world wide sales and support, had over 37 US patents issued or allowed with another 35 patents pending, obtained all necessary FDA clearance (IDE and Open Label approval) to proceed with its current FDA approved HIV genotyping program. Dr. Stevens holds a PhD. in biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania (1974), and has held positions at University of Pennsylvania (Associate Professor), University of Toronto (Tenured Full Professor), and was director of the Eye Research Inst. of Canada.

Company Profile

Visible Assets, Inc. (VAI) provides vertically integrated asset visibility networks and asset visibility solutions to a variety of different industries. Asset visibility provides improved product integrity, real-time inventory, inventory reductions, 21 CFR Part 11 audit logs, Sarbanes Oxley audit logs, point-of-use data, and asset pedigree. These visibility networks use a long-wavelength radio tag protocol known as RuBee™. RuBee is based on a low-cost, active smart radio tag (t-Tag™), with a ten-year battery life and range of 15' to 100'. Each RuBee network is managed by a large-area router (Sidewinder™) with a built in VPN. Networks of Sidewinders are, in turn, managed by a Dot-Tag™ visibility server. Dot-Tag is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) hardware/software package that can manage 1,000's of individual remote visibility networks, and uses industry standard open-source code with open-source tools. Longwave RuBee tags set high data security standards, are able to work as a smart sensor network, overcome many of the technological problems with steel and water found in higher frequency systems, and are field proven in harsh environments with millions of tags in use. RuBee is in the process of becoming an IEEE standard protocol known as P1902.1 and is available for licensing.