An Overview of Activegrid(TM) High Performance Transparent Conductors (Printed Electronics USA 2015)

Dr Ajay Virkar, CTO
United States

Speaker Biography (Ajay Virkar)

Dr. Ajay Virkar is the CTO and co-founder of C3Nano. He has a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (with Honors) from the University of Illinois and a PhD from Stanford. He has been awarded the Melvin P. Klein Award from the Stanford Linear Accelerator, and the Springer Prize for his PhD Thesis. He is a a co-author of 13 technical publications and a inventor on more than 20 issued or pending patents related to electronic materials.

Company Profile (C3Nano)

C3Nano logo
Founded in 2010, as a spinout from Professor Zhenan Bao's chemical engineering laboratory at Stanford University, C3Nano has developed solution-coated, transparent conductive materials that compete directly with indium tin oxide (ITO) in the devices of today and tomorrow. C3Nano works with a variety of prominent chemical companies, converters and coaters, and device makers serving the consumer electronic supply chain. C3Nano's high performance materials are intended to disrupt the exploding touch-panel industry, the thin-film PV industry, and other emerging technologies like OLED lighting and smart windows. C3Nano is a backed by leading venture capital firms and is headquartered in Hayward, California, USA. See External Link
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