Application & system requirements for printed electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

Mr Dror Mualem, VP. Marketing
Pixdro, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • PixDro technologies for printed electronics
  • Thin layers
  • Accurate dispensing into cells & small areas
  • MEMS ink jet head
  • Laboratory printer LabP150
  • Industrial printer InkP350
  • Future development trends for printed electronics

Company Profile

PixDro Ltd. is an innovative company, specializing in the development, integration and manufacturing of advanced industrial inkjet technologies and products.
PixDro was founded by the OTB Group together with a group of printing industry professionals with a proven track record of more than fifteen years in industrial inkjet technologies. Our experience in the inkjet industry has resulted in various innovative products and technologies, which are used in graphic arts, as well as in the textile and packaging industries.
Today, PixDro specializes in developing and marketing industrial inkjet technologies for printable electronics applications, using special materials and processes. The key factor in PixDro inkjet systems is the vertical integration of all components, and the delivery of a complete solution. PixDro's products integrate its special MEMS print head and peripheral systems, the ejections liquids, software, hardware and the process workflow.
PixDro's proprietary inkjet technology is compatible with a wide range of high value and aggressive fluids. This gives PixDro the ability to print a variety of industrial applications - such as light emitting polymers, conductive materials, sensors, solar cells, integrated packaging, 3D elements and pattern thin layers deposition. PixDro's systems can be fully adapted to various customer-specific needs.
PixDro's main activity is related to electronic devices and organic light emitting diodes (OLED) printing. As part of the OTB Group, PixDro is incorporating its technology into OTB production lines and is looking forward to developing additional applications.
OTB has recently installed an advanced OLED research and development line (the "Orgatron") at Orgatronics. The Orgatron is based on OTB´s inline production system and allows easy transition from R&D to full OLED production. It uses PixDro's advanced inkjet printing, vacuum deposition and thin film encapsulation processes. The line handles substrates up to 14" square, loaded automatically or manually, and is designed for maximum flexibility allowing each process to be used in any chosen order.