Auxiliary Power Units Selection for Range Extended EVs (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing)

Mr David Hudson, Group Chief Engineer, Vehicle Engineering & Hybrid
Tata Motors European Technical Centre
United Kingdom
Apr 28, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Tata Motors European Technical Centre*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Tata Motors European Technical Centre*

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Presentation Summary

This presentation considers the conflicting demands on auxiliary power units (APUs) for range-extended electric vehicles and examines the factors leading to the decisions regarding design and sourcing of such APUs. Considering the demands on the application, the benefits of adapting existing IC engines are shown to be attractive at the current low production volumes for REEVs.

Speaker Biography (David Hudson)

Started automotive industry career in 1975, initially with Jaguar Cars in UK. Have spent significant time in Far East and USA in consulting roles
Technical specialist in NVH field for 20 years before diversifying into powertrain and other vehicle technologies as Programme Chief Engineer for several vehicle projects
Joined TMETC in 2008, spent 3 years based in India at Tata Motors Engineering Research Centre (ERC) in Pune, India
Now responsible for all aspects of advanced engineering across Tata Motors with a strong interest in low-carbon vehicle technologies.