Barrier Films for Displays, Lighting, & Flexible Electronics (OLEDs LIVE! USA 2013)

Dr Fred McCormick, Senior Research Specialist
3M Display & Graphics Business Lab
United States
Nov 21, 2013.


3M Display & Graphics Business Lab (Dr Fred McCormick) - Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

3M's Optical Systems Division is developing encapsulation products for flexible electronics. This presentation will discuss-
- 3M's commercial and experimental barrier films and adhesive products
- 3M versions of the calcium test for barrier performance
- Performance of 3M barrier films after bend and tensile stress

Speaker Biography (Fred McCormick)

Fred B. McCormick studied synthetic organometallic chemistry at Iowa State University (Organic/Inorganic Chemistry PhD, 1980) and UCLA (Postdoctoral Scholar, 1980-81). He joined the 3M Corporate Labs in November of 1981 and is currently the Technical Lead for the transparent barrier film project in 3M's Optical Systems Division. He has also been an Industrial Fellow and Adjunct Professor in the Center for Interfacial Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Fred has worked on a variety of 3M projects including Z-axis conductive adhesive films, organometallic catalysts for thermoset cure, plasma enhanced and organometallic CVD, organometallic polymers, metal atom chemistry, abrasives, high temperature vibration dampening materials, and highly fluorinated acrylates for fiber optic applications. Fred initiated the OLED programs at 3M in 1997 to explore OLED web processing, material development, and applications for flexible OLEDs. He is a co-inventor of the laser induced thermal imaging (LITI) process for high resolution OLED patterning. Fred's current efforts are centered on commercializing barrier films and adhesives for OLED, printed electronic, and quantum dot applications. Fred has over 60 issued patents in the above technology areas.

Company Profile (3M)

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3M is an innovative company with such diverse products as Post-it notes, Littmann stethoscopes and high tech abrasives. 3M's Optical Systems Division makes consumer electronic displays brighter, lighter-weight and more energy efficient. In the business since consumer electronics became popular, Optical Systems continues to bring new innovative solutions to customers. The latest innovation brings wide color gamuts to displays with a flexible, transparent barrier film. With $30 billion in global sales in 2012, 3M employs more than 85,000 worldwide.
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