Bioprinting: 3D Rapid Prototyping for Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Applications (3D Printing LIVE! USA 2014)

Mr Rod R Jose, Doctoral Candidate
Tufts University
United States
Nov 19, 2014.


Santa Clara 2014 Presentation - Tufts University*
Santa Clara 2014 Audio Presentation - Tufts University*

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Presentation Summary

  • A synopsis of bioprinting strategies.
  • We will discuss the leading techniques for applying biomaterials as 3D printable "bioinks" and the inherent challenges when printing bioinks as living materials.

Speaker Biography (Rod R Jose)

Rod R. Jose is a doctoral candidate and holds a Master of Science from the department of biomedical engineering at Tufts University. Themes of his research center on exploiting biomaterials for mechanical and biomedical applications; and the design of strategies in order to do so. Rod's main focus is the development of a novel self-curing bioink and robotic bioplotting system which together enable non-deleterious biomaterial printing at body temperature. Applications for this work range from in vitro tissue models to clinical implants and prostheses with patient specific geometries.

Company Profile (Tufts University)

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The vision of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Tufts University is to promote integrative research, education, and entrepreneurship at the forefront of biomedical science and engineering. Tufts is home to the NIH P41 Tissue Engineering Resource Center. The research focus varies in disciplines from biomaterials processing to medical optics. The biomedical engineering department is passionate about progressive tissue engineering strategies and funds a laboratory subgroup focused on 3D bioprinting and rapid prototyping with biomaterials. This group has active and longstanding clinical collaborations exploring the potential of 3D printed biomaterial products in surgical reconstruction in vivo.
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