Can the Performance Gains Won in a New Design of Magnet-Less Loudspeaker Vibration Motor be Extended to Rotation Motors? (Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air USA 2012)

Mr Geoff Boyd, Managing Director
Coleridge Design Associates
United States
Mar 28, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • ML-VCA - The magnet-less voice coil actuator
  • Updating the venerable 1925 Rice-Kellogg loudspeaker motor leveraging;
  • - Advances in modern materials eg SMCs, metamaterial topologies
  • - Advances in electronics devices eg smart power, DSP, PWM etc and
  • - CAD and Multiphysics simulations such as COMSOL
  • Results in a superior performance, loudspeaker vibration motor
  • Can the ML-VCA gains be extended to rotational motors?

Speaker Biography (Geoff Boyd)

Geoff, who hails from the Caribbean, is a 1970 Commonwealth Scholar and Physics and Chemistry graduate of Leeds University with post-graduate and post-doctoral research experience in Material Science at Oxford University. Leaving academia in the early eighties he co-founded Memotech, one the UK's leading first-generation PC companies. And then founded Memotech Videowalls with the world's first computer interactive Videowall display systems, dominating the market for Videowall electronic control systems for a decade through to the mid-nineties. In 2010, after a 10 year spell at NXT plc, Cambridge, UK, where he specialized in New Business Development, Technology Innovation and Intellectual Property Licensing, Geoff rekindled his entrepreneurial activities and founded Silicon Valley based IP Development and Licensing company Coleridge Design Associates LLC which, over a ten year period, has built up a powerful IP portfolio for new transducers, motors and sensors which leverage advances in material science, electronics and IT.

Company Profile (Coleridge Design Associates)

Coleridge Design Associates LLC, San Jose, California, is a Technology Innovation and 'pure play' Physical IP Licensing company specializing in electrodynamic transducers, sensors and motors which leverage modern materials , electronics systems and information technology to create groundbreaking solutions and products. Driven by Sustainability and the User Experience, Coleridge has a philosophy of 'Innovation on Demand' to support its Licensees.
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