Cardiac Troponin I Molecularly Imprinted Polymers For In-Vitro Diagnostics (Sensors Europe 2019)

Adrian Kinkaid, CEO
MIP Diagnostics
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Tests for cardiac Troponin I (cTnI) are routinely used to rule out myocardial infarction in patients presenting with chest pain on admission to emergency rooms. The vast majority of in-vitro diagnostic tests on the market use one or more high affinity mouse monoclonal antibodies which typically cost a few hundred dollars per milligram. MIP Diagnostics Limited have developed a number of cost effective molecularly imprinted polymers for cTnI, in a matter of weeks, which are specific for the well-known epitopes on the molecule and pair accordingly with the commercially available antibodies to deliver sensitive assays in the ELISA assay format. Further development is underway. The added robustness and long shelf life of MIPs provides significant advantages over antibody-based alternatives.

Speaker Biography (Adrian Kinkaid)

Adrian has developed a thorough understanding of the field and considers MIPs as a cost effective and high quality alternative to existing reagents due especially to their robustness and speed of development.
Prior to joining MIP Diagnostics, Adrian worked as Chief Commercial Officer for Promexus, a protein biotherapeutics company based on affimer technology from Avacta Life Sciences. Before this he was Head of Technology Access and then Strategic Market Development Leader for Abcam, the leading provider of research antibodies.
Adrian's industrial experience started with agrochemical and pharmaceutical discovery where he developed a range of different biochemical and cell based assays mainly for high throughput screening applications. Adrian is also a Founding Member of ELRIG (European Laboratory Research and Innovation Group) a not-for-profit organisation that holds conferences and events for thought leadership in the life science and drug discovery communities. Adrian served two terms as Chairman, during which time he established the flagship Drug Discovery event, which is now the leading conference of its kind in Europe.

Company Profile (mip diagnostics)

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MIP Diagnostics Limited commercialises many types of Molecular Imprinted Polymers. We have our own proprietary process for the manufacture of NanoMIPS, but we also do manufacture more traditional polymers as well such as bulk MIPs and rationally designed polymers.
We provide this primarily as a custom service/technology access offering, so if you are looking for a MIP for a particular target/application, then we can offer a professional service on a commercial basis.
We also operate a licensing and royalty model, for clients who are looking to commercialise a MIP as an element within a device or test.
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