Challenges Of Graphene Production For Graphene Battery Commercialization (Graphene Europe 2017)

Dr Kuan-Tsae Huang, CEO
AzTrong Inc
United States


Europe 2017 Presentation - AzTrong Inc*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - AzTrong Inc*

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Presentation Summary

Graphene has emerged as important candidates for electrode materials in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) due to their unique physical properties. All the advances hinge upon the development of next generation of energy storage technologies that can deliver high energy and power densities at a low cost (i.e. > $250/kWh) and high safety. We try to find compelling performance upgrades for graphene to be used in mission-critical, extreme-duty application battery systems.

Speaker Biography (Kuan-Tsae Huang)

Dr. Huang is the Chairman/CEO of AzTrong, a provider of graphene-based nano-composite products and solutions and an expert in Graphene and graphene commercialization in thermal management, Li-Ion battery & supercapacitor, graphene composites and other commercial / industrial applications. He began his career at IBM Watson Research, had 20+ years working at IBM, was a Vice President and played a key role to help IBM successfully transform into a global service company. While at IBM, he was in charge of e-commerce implementation, intellectual capital and asset Management, solution offerings, etc. He is an experienced business transformation and innovation advisor / entrepreneur.
He is also the Chairman of an IoT application solution company focusing on energy, fintech and healthcare industries and senior advisor to Ditthavong & Steiner, P.C., a leading US patent law firm. He is also an experienced entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Taiwan as well as a VC investor. Dr. Huang has won several awards including: IBM Corporate Excellence Award, Gold Medal of Giga Information Award, NASA LAUNCH Award - 2011 which awarded to Top 10 Energy Innovators by US Department of State, NASA, USAID and NIKE. He received BS from National Taiwan Normal University, MS University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Ph.D. in EECS from MIT.

Company Profile (AzTrong Inc)

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AZTRONG PROVIDES FLEX® GRAPHENE Manufacturing Platforms for Global Manufacturers
AzTrong has developed a flexible, cost-effective and completely reliable methodology for the design, development and manufacturing of graphene-based products. With cost reduction and resource optimization as primary objectives among the global manufacturing community, AzTrong introduces the FLEX® GRAPHENE manufacturing platform to support these critical performance goals. Additionally, AzTrong is also introducing global manufacturers to the broad spectrum of the commercial and industrial uses of graphene. Our production focused on graphene for thermal management, graphene for Li-Ion Battery, Printing materials for electronic circuit, 3D printing, sensors, and antenna, etc.
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