Conductive Low Cost Ink Processes Enable Printed Electronics Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2013)

Dr Louis Bollens
Apr 18, 2013.


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Presentation Summary

  • The availability of low cost of conductive inks is essential for the further development of Printed Electronics applications.
  • Non-contact printing technologies require specific solutions to develop low cost inks printable on temperature sensitive substrates.
  • Optimizing the content of micron and nano sized copper particles results in the lowest cost inks for conventional printing technologies.
  • Not only the ink cost, but also the best choice of printing and sintering technology and the substrate cost will determine the total process cost of Printed Electronics applications.

Speaker Biography (Louis Bollens)

After finishing his M.Sc. Metallurgy (1973) at the Engineering Faculty of K.U. Leuven Belgium he worked as Assistant at the Department Metallurgy. In 1978 he started his career at Agfa Gevaert as Project Leader Coating & Drying Technology. In 1989 he became Manager Physical Properties where he was involved in development, industrial introduction, testing and evaluation of new functional coatings and polymer substrates for photographic films. He was General Project Leader of the development and introduction of the transparent conductive polymer PEDOT. In 1998 he became Business Development Mgr. Specialty films where he was involved in the market introduction of new substrates for digital printing, optical films for displays and PCB.
In 2001 he became Business Mgr. ORGACON® products where he was responsible for the world wide marketing of PEDOT dispersions, coating solutions ,coated films and inks. During this period he came in contact with companies active in development of Printed Electronic applications as electroluminescent lighting, flexible and stretchable circuits, displays and solar cells, touchscreens, sensors and actuators.
In 2008 he left Agfa-Gevaert and started an independent consulting company Printed-e Consulting specialising in Printed Electronics.

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