Cost Efficient Scale-up of CVD Graphene, CVD Films and Nanomaterials (Graphene LIVE! USA 2014)

Dr Karlheinz Strobl, Vice President of Business Development
CVD Equipment Corporation
United States
Nov 20, 2014.

Presentation Summary

Graphene and other 2D materials can be produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processing. CVD processing can also be used to manufacture many 1D nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes and silicon nanowires as well as for a wide range of film depositions and other related surface modifications. The related CVD substrates can be rigid or flexible, and can be in continuous rolls or discrete stacks.
Industrial CVD production equipment based on in-line continuous or roll to roll processing tends to have large associated development and capital costs. These systems are typically developed and manufactured with a series of frozen sequential process steps and a specific line speed in mind. At its best this leads to a narrow process window for unique manufacturing equipment. Investments in in-line CVD equipment rarely reach their full return on investment. Therefore, many processes and applications developed by universities and startup companies are not commercialized.
As an alternative to in-line CVD processing equipment solutions, we present a novel, multiple patent pending, batch processing platform. Customization of this platform enables low cost, high volume scale-up of a wide variety of CVD processes. In particular it can be used for CVD graphene production on rolls of Cu foil, for vertically aligned CNT or Si nanowire growth on roll of stainless steel foil as well as for many other CVD surface modifications of rigid and flexible substrate materials. Our estimate is that for a wide range of CVD processing needs a 5X throughput improvement and a 2-3X capital cost reduction is possible compared to in-line systems. In addition our solution provides increased process flexibility, a greater ease of recipe transfer, and lower operational costs. Besides enabling the processing of rolls of flexible substrate rolls this solution is also suitable for parallel CVD processing of stacks of substrates.
Our CVD batch processing platform offers a cost efficient and more direct scale-up route for processes developed using R&D CVD systems. Our batch CVD scale-up platform can be applied to many CVD processes, with the potential to accelerate the commercialization of nanomaterial and 2D material innovations.

Speaker Biography (Karlheinz Strobl)

In his role as Vice President for Business Development of CVD Equipment Corporation he also manages an Application Laboratory where his team is focusing on next generation nano material manufacturing technology development. Karlheinz Strobl holds over 25 patents and is constantly scouting and evaluating novel applications and business opportunities that can solve tomorrows technology tomorrow's needs.
CVD Equipment Corporation is a public company (CVV) that designs and manufactures for over 30 years a wide range of chemical vapor deposition equipment for R&D, pilot and production and also provides on demand custom process and equipment development services.

Company Profile (CVD Equipment Corporation)

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CVD Equipment Corporation has developed patent pending technology for lower cost, higher production quantity of CVD graphene, CNTs, Si NW and other 1D and 2D nano materials. Our turn-key EasyGraphene® and EasyTube® process development platforms together with our EasyGas™ delivery systems EasyExhaust™ gas abatement systems, sold under the First Nano brand name, are used by innovators and researchers worldwide in the university, startup and research lab environment to develop next generation materials, applications and products. We also focus on designing and manufacturing customized pilot and production CVD systems for many 1D and 2D nanomaterial manufacturing scale up needs.
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