Current Challenges In Hybridization Of Plastics In The Automotive Industry (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Mr Mathieu Banccelin, Innovation Director
Plastic Omnium


Europe 2018 Audio Presentation - Plastic Omnium*

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Presentation Summary

o Today, a car could be considered as an ambient sensing and responding platform thanks to the integration of more and more sensors on-board. The recent progress in printed electronics make possible to consider this integration in a more elegant and effective way to answer new customer request.

Speaker Biography (Mathieu Banccelin)

Mathieu BANCELIN is currently at Plastic Omnium as Group Innovation Director.
Between 2012 and 2017, he worked at Alstom Transport where he held several positions as:
  • Group R&D Manager (2012-2014) in charge of coordination of the global R&D development,
  • Group Innovation Director (2014-2017) in charge of innovation roadmap, process, teams and ecosystems
  • Core Competences Network Director (2016-2017) in charge of experts' networks, métier roadmap, expertise & experts development, technical issues solving of key customer projects and standard & regulations.
From 2012 to 2017, he was board member of SuperGrid Research Institute and of Aster Capital VC fund representing Alstom Transport.
Mathieu BANCELIN is graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure and Ecole Centrale.