Delivering the Next Display Wave: Flexible, Foldable and Unbreakable Displays (Printed Electronics Europe 2012)

Dr Edzer Huitema, CTO
Polymer Vision
Apr 04, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • The next wave of displays will be flexible, foldable and unbreakable displays.
  • Polymer Vision has created the World's thinnest and most flexible display platform that is unique in fulfilling all these needs.
  • Flexible monochrome and color e-paper displays are already at pilot production level.
  • These will be followed by full-color and video capable flexible displays.

Speaker Biography (Edzer Huitema)

Edzer Huitema is CTO of Polymer Vision, a company focused on research, development and commercialization of extremely thin flexible and foldable displays. Before joining Polymer Vision he worked at Philips on breakthrough research on flexible displays and organic electronics. He holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Utrecht and holds more than 170 patents and is author of more than 50 papers.

Company Profile (Polymer Vision)

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Polymer Vision is the pioneer of the world's thinnest and most flexible displays. Key to Polymer Vision's success is the company's unique flexible display platform, display integration solutions and strong IP portfolio. This platform is now in pilot production and has been prepared for scale in high volume production.
Polymer Vision was founded as an independent company in 2006 as a spin out from Philips Electronics. In 2009 Polymer Vision became a subsidiary of Wistron, one of the world's leading ODMs. This year Polymer Vision is preparing a spin-off from Wistron.
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