Deploying a 100% successful RFID implementation the first time around (Smart Labels USA 2005)

Mr Patrick Sweeney, CEO & President
Odin Technologies, United States

Presentation Summary

  • Determining the paybacks of RFID and how to begin your project
  • Evaluating systems and the return on investment (ROI)
  • How to configure an RFID system for your needs
  • Step by step walk through of actual implementations
  • Learn lessons from experts to save you time and money

Company Profile

ODIN technologies is the industry leader in the physics of RFID infrastructure testing, deployment and certification. Our physics based RFID expertise has been employed by more Wal-Mart, DoD and Target suppliers than any other RFID-focused integrator.
ODIN technologies has unmatched expertise, a world-class laboratory, and a trusted team who focus on nothing but RFID and EPC solutions. Using proven scientific methodologies - not trial and error - we make sure that the right readers, antennas, tags and software are put in place to meet your specific business objectives.
Deployment, Research and Tools to Make RFID easier and more accurate
ODIN technologies provides three services: RFID solution design and deployment, RFID infrastructure benchmark research and RFID deployment software tools for end users and integrators. Each offering leverages the physics of RFID to improve deployment success and reduce project risk for end users.
Deployment Certification: Interrogation Zone Optimization
ODIN Labs recently announced the development of a deployment certification offering which ensures optimal RFID reader and interrogation zone performance. Many companies have struggled tuning their RFID readers through trial and error methods and have achieved inconsistent results. ODIN technologies has developed a scientific approach to Interrogation Zone Optimization that ensures peak performance while eliminating interference issues such as cross talk and dead spots. We guarantee performance.