Beyond Nanowires: Activegrid(TM) Transparent Conductors (Printed Electronics USA 2016)

Dr Ajay Virkar, CTO
United States

Presentation Summary

Activegrid(TM) is a new material made by chemically fusing metallic nanowires into a singular nanoscale grid. Activegrid(TM) is incredibly flexible and is the highest performing ITO alternative; resistance, transmission, and haze values of Activegrid(TM) are far better than ITO on plastics. The opto-electronic properties of Activegrid(TM) will be described as well as other novel technologies developed by C3Nano. C3Nano will also discuss its position in the supply chain and its key relationships with several top-tier companies.

Speaker Biography (Ajay Virkar)

Dr. Ajay Virkar is the CTO and co-founder of C3Nano. He has a BS in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (with Honors) from the University of Illinois and a PhD from Stanford. He has been awarded the Melvin P. Klein Award from the Stanford Linear Accelerator, and the Springer Prize for his PhD Thesis. He is a a co-author of 13 technical publications and a inventor on more than 20 issued or pending patents related to electronic materials.

Company Profile (C3Nano)

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Founded in 2010, as a spinout from Professor Zhenan Bao's chemical engineering laboratory at Stanford University, C3Nano has developed solution-coated, transparent conductive materials that compete directly with indium tin oxide (ITO) in the devices of today and tomorrow. C3Nano works with a variety of prominent chemical companies, converters and coaters, and device makers serving the consumer electronic supply chain. C3Nano's high performance materials are intended to disrupt the exploding touch-panel industry, the thin-film PV industry, and other emerging technologies like OLED lighting and smart windows. C3Nano is a backed by leading venture capital firms and is headquartered in Hayward, California, USA. See External Link
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