A Disruptive DC-Link Capacitor Technology For Use In Electric Drive Inverters (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2018)

Dr Angelo Yializis, CEO
PolyCharge America, Inc.
United States


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Presentation Summary

Solid state Polymer Monolithic Capacitors (PMCs) comprising 1000s of nano-thick, cross-linked, polymer dielectric layers are developed for use in automotive inverters. PMCs represent a disruptive change in the way polymer capacitors are produced, resulting in smaller and higher temperature parts, with lower ESL and ESR than state of art metallized polymer capacitors.

Speaker Biography (Angelo Yializis)

Dr. Angelo Yializis (Ulysses) is the founder and CEO of PolyCharge which is
a recent spinoff of Sigma Technologies Int'l of Tucson AZ (which Dr. Yializis
is also the founder and CEO). In the early-80s, while working at GE, Dr.
Yializis developed a series of new capacitor products, including the Polymer
Monolithic Capacitor (PMC) technology, which is the only commercial
capacitor technology comprising 1000s on nano-thick polymer dielectric
layers. The PMC technology was spun out from GE and Sigma Technologies,
founded in 1992, completed the technology development and licensed the
technology to two multinational capacitor OEMs for use in surface mount
consumer electronic capacitor applications. Sigma has also commercialized
several pioneering non-capacitor related technologies, including materials for
thermal management of commercial and residential structures, ultra-high
barrier coatings for packaging films and OLED displays, surface
functionalization technologies for treating films and textiles, nanoflake metal pigments for use on inks and paints, color shifting pigments and films for security applications and the development of PMCs for higher voltage DC-link
inverter applications. Dr. Yializis received his B.Sc. in Applied Physics, at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a M.Sc. in Solid State Physics at the University of Windsor and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at the University of Windsor. He is the recipient of several technical and managerial awards. He has 50 US patents and more than 50 journal and conference publications.

Company Profile (PolyCharge America, Inc.)

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Polycharge was founded in 2017 to manufacture PMC capacitors mainly for automotive inverter applications. The company is a spinoff from Sigma Technologies Int'l that developed the PMC technology initially for low voltage consumer electronics applications and more recently for DC-link electric drive applications in collaboration with Delphi Automotive.
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