Digitization : HMI Challenges And Opportunities (Printed Electronics Europe 2020)

Dr Cedrick Chappaz, President and CEO

Presentation Summary

Haptic technology is becoming an essential Human Machine Interaction dimension to improve and secure the user experience in every markets. Embedded into the display itself, it gives back to the user the capability to control in an accurate way without looking all time long at the display. My talk will describe the challenges and so the business opportunities due to the massive spread of displays and touch interface everywhere in our all day life (Communication, infotainment, immersive gaming, accessibility for disabled people...). With tangible and interactive haptic features, hap2U technology is getting the best of both worlds : Displays and Haptics.

Speaker Biography (Cedrick Chappaz)

Cedrick CHAPPAZ is currently CEO and founder of Hap2U, a French based company which is introducing the touch revolution for more immersive and realistic HMI features into displays.
C. Chappaz received a Ph.D. degree in Physics in 2003 from Franche Comte University, France. Author and co-author of more than thirty publications and thirty granted patents in the field of microtechnologies, Cédrick CHAPPAZ quickly perceived that these new approaches were able to bring a smart solution to key HMI challenges. After several years of experience in a large group in the semiconductor field, where he lead several national and international funded partnerships combining the most advanced technologies and improvement of human machine interaction, he founded hap2U in 2015 and is leading the company as the CEO with the ambition to develop tangible displays.

Company Profile (HAP2U)

Hap2U designs and develops patented technology to enhance experiences in the digital world by integrating the sense of touch in tactile devices. A tangible universe is now possible with the world's thinnest and most reliable haptic technology, using materials and manufacturing processes well-known in the semiconductor industry. Founded in 2015, hap2U has built on several years of research and development, with seven global patents in hardware and software based on the science of haptics. The team, based in Grenoble, France, brings complementary expertise in material science, acoustics, electronics, software and user experience to allow users to feel again what they touch.
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