Water Quality Through Graphene In The Home Appliance Industry (Sensors Europe 2020)

Dr Cristina Bertoni, Project Leader
Electrolux Italia S.p.A. Global Technology Centre

Presentation Summary

Opportunities offered by graphene has been explored for the filtering and sensing of bacteria in water. Dedicated measurements setups have been created so to emulate real working conditions where to test graphene-based devices. The project has been conducted in the frame of the 2018 Electrolux Innovation Factory Booster Program which included a call on "Biosensors".

Speaker Biography (Cristina Bertoni)

  • Electronic Engineer with a PhD on design and fabrication of silicon-based microtransducers for sensing applications in the field of gas detectors.
  • Post-doctoral research experience in the field of nanotechnology on the use of semiconductor nanocrystals for low-voltage thin films electroluminescent devices.
  • Industrial work experience as project leader. In particular, Dr Bertoni is involved in the development of sensors and sensory systems for white goods as well as technology scouting activities, including liaising/networking with Universities and R&D centers in Italy and abroad to explore innovative solutions/products.

Company Profile (Electrolux)

Electrolux Italia is a global leader in home appliances and appliances for professional use; it is indirectly controlled by the Swedish AB Electrolux, selling more than 40 million products to customers on more than 150 markets every year. One of the most important targets for the Group is the development of products with lower energy consumption and environmental impact. The Global Technology Centre (GTC) is the Electrolux central R&D department in charge of the research and application of cutting-edge technology for the entire Group, with a long term expertise in the field of Electronics, Sensors and Material Science.
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