High Resolution Electrohydrodynamic Printing For Micro-LED Display (Printed Electronics USA 2020)

Dr Doyoung Byun, CEO

Presentation Summary

This talk includes introduction to a high resolution (1μm) printing method for printed electronics, whose jetting mechanism is based on the electrohydrodynamics. The electrohydrodynamic (EHD) jet printing has been received much attention as an effective manufacturing method for high resolution patterning in sub-microscale. The EHD high resolution printing with bonding material has been actively applied in micro-LED display fabrication. eNanojet printer (www.enjet.co.kr) provides a unique printing solution and automatic printing function that ensure the precise quality for chip bonding and 3D electrode fabrication. The silver-based bonding materials developed by ENJET are also optimized for attaching micro LED chips. Our solution could realize 100 % lighting efficiency on micro LED display fabrication.

Speaker Biography (Doyoung Byun)

: Doyoung Byun received the PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea, in 2000. He joined mechanical engineering department in Sungkyunkwan university as a faculty and founded Enjet in 2009, which was spin-off start-up company from Sungkyunkwan university. Since 2009, he has served as CEO in Enjet. He has developed the novel electrostatic liquid droplet injector, electrostatic spray device, micro-fluidic devices, and MEMS devices, and commercialized ultra-fine printing and spray coating machines for display, mobile phone, battery, and bio-medical industry.

Company Profile (EnJet Inc., Ltd.)

Since its foundation in 2009, ENJET Inc. has served to develop and supply for Korea's representative IT companies such as mobile phone, display, semi-conductor, FPCB, glass manufacturer, camera module, bio-medical and material companies nano-jet printer/coater. We have established the production, sales and R&D networks, expanding our business opportunity into the global market.
We aim to become experienced printer/coater provider that supplies innovative solution by continuous technology enhancement and quality satisfaction. We focus on maximizing our business value and operation efficiency and can supply expertness, experience, and explicitness to customer's requirement.
We will execute our utmost to achieve competitiveness to others and will guarantee outstanding quality of product to customers.
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