Inks for Advanced Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2020)

Dr Fabian Gyger, Head of R&D- Functional Inks
Elantas Europe GmbH

Speaker Biography (Fabian Gyger)

Dr. Gyger joined ELANTAS in 2014 as a research scientist working on functional and conductive inks for printed electronics. He is currently Head of R&D for this division, a role he has held since 2017. Dr. Gyger studied chemistry at the University of Karlsruhe and at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. After graduating, he earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology working on the synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials. He later completed a postdoc with BASF focusing on the solution-based deposition of inorganic materials for electronic components.

Company Profile (ELANTAS Europe GmbH)

Functional Inks and More
ELANTAS Europe is a leading manufacturer of insulating and protective materials. We develop and produce wire enamels, impregnating resins and varnishes, casting and potting resins, electronic coatings, adhesives, flexible electrical insulation materials, special coatings, products for printed electronics as well as a wide range of tooling and composite materials.
Functional inks and personal support for printed electronics offers our Product Line Printed Electronics, to push forward your applications.
Our portfolio includes conductive, insulating and functional screen printing inks for applications such as membrane switches, touch surfaces, in-mold electronics, hybrid electronics, sensors, RFID antennas and electroluminescent lighting.
Product Line Printed Electronics
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