Opportunities In The Automotive Industry: From Materials To Printed Electronics To Electric Vehicles (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2019)

Dr Gayatri Dadheech, Senior Technical Leader
General Motors
United States

Speaker Biography (Gayatri Dadheech)

Gayatri Dadheech started her career at General Motors 20 years ago and is currently staff researcher in GM's Research & Development. She is responsible for developing advanced materials and coatings for energy storage and advanced displays. She has been involved in many projects involving materials development for printed circuit flip chip technology, fuel cell technology, battery technology, electric vehicles, automotive vehicles display and other automotive components. She has 88 issued US patents and 30+ patent pending; 13 tool methods, trade secrets and research disclosures; several conference presentation and publication in area of energy storage, energy conversion and materials & process development for automotive components.