Cellular Energy Conversion Monitoring - A New Window Into Human Physiology (Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020)

Mr Steve Ursenbach, CEO/Co Founder
Reveal Biosensors, Inc.
United States
Dr Guy M. Hatch, CTO Co Founder
Reveal Biosensors, Inc
United States

Presentation Summary

The presentation describes the sensor technology for monitoring the rate of cellular energy conversion. Information presented will highlight how this new insight will enable sleep lab-quality sleep apnea diagnostics and therapy optimization at home. It also offers continuous detection of compromised breathing during use of opioid pain medications.

Speaker Biography (Steve Ursenbach)

Steve Ursenbach - CEO and co-founder brings 30+ years global enterprise and start-up experience to this early stage venture. He is a Silicon Valley sales veteran with HP and SGI, and has had significant entrepreneurial success with two startups acquired by Yahoo! and Cisco Systems.

Company Profile (Reveal Biosensors)

Reveal Biosensors has developed the world's first Energy Conversion Monitor. This sensor provides a new, non-invasive measurement of cellular oxygen demand that offers much greater clinical relevance and usefulness than current heart rate and blood oxygen supply information. We have evidence that this new information has the potential of breakthrough advancement in the diagnosis and treatment of several important health challenges, including compromised breathing during sleep, remote patient monitoring, and guidance of oxygen therapy during surgical anesthesia and critical care. Reveal will commercialize this new sensor technology through licensing relationships to the Sports, Fitness/Wellness, Worker Safety, and Healthcare markets.
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