High Refractive Index Coating Material With Patterning Ability (Printed Electronics USA 2016)

Dr Hiroshi Nagata, Leader-Product Devel. 2nd DivisionTeam 2
Nagase Chemtex

Presentation Summary

Feature of high refractive index coating material with patterning ability and introducing that application.
In addition to introduce characteristic nano-dispersion coating materials.

Speaker Biography (Hiroshi Nagata)

Investigating functional materials in Nagase ChemteX Corporation. For instance, battery materials,
conductive polymer coating material, nano-particle coating material, and so on.
Now, developing and managing high refractive index coating material 'NRC series'.

Company Profile (Nagase ChemteX Corporation)

Nagase ChemteX Corporation logo
We are a member of Nagase & Co., Ltd. group for developing and manufacturing chemical products. Marketing and distributing through NAGASE's worldwide network. Especially, over 10 years R&D experiences about dispersion and formulation of nano-filler.
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