Siloxane Polymer Based Printable Inks For Wearable And IMSE Solutions (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Dr Jarkko Heikkinen, VP Paste and Inks

Presentation Summary

The presented inks are based on siloxane polymers developed in-house at Inkron and can be stretched or thermoformed after curing. The binder technology developed by Inkron allows to manufacture completely solvent free inks which gives huge benefits for customers such as excellent insulation properties, fast curing and high compatibility with different substrates.

Speaker Biography (Jarkko Heikkinen)

Jarkko Heikkinen is VP of Inks and Pastes in Inkron Oy and he is the leader of the team developing and manufacturing printable inks and die attach adhesives. Since receiving his PhD on organic material chemistry in 2011, he has worked in chemical industry focusing on siloxane polymer chemistry to develop new products for semiconductor, optical and printed electronic industries. Currently his focus is on printed electronic industry to develop new type of printable inks based on unique properties of siloxane polymers.

Company Profile (Inkron)

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Inkron is the developer and manufacturer of siloxane based printable and stretchable conductors and dielectrics, optical quality coatings as well as material solutions for printed electronics and wearables, optics, semiconductor and OLED / LED applications. Inkron's screen printing inks are solvent free featuring pinhole free dielectrics, UV curable silver inks and highly stretchable conductors and dielectrics. Our optical quality coating materials provide full range of refractive indices starting from low 1.1x and exceeding even 1.9. These materials are highly transparent with very low haze and scattering making them ideal for light guides and other optical applications.
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