Graphene-Based Technologies For Energy Storage By Graphmatech (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing Europe 2019)

Dr Mamoun Taher, CEO
GraphMaTech AB

Speaker Biography (Mamoun Taher)

While working as an advanced materials researcher, Dr Taher experienced firsthand the complex challenges often encountered in applications of graphene, particularly the tendency of the flakes to form back into many-layered graphite, dampening its unique properties. Driven to solve this issue, in 2017 he invented Aros Graphene®, a graphene hybrid which overcomes the agglomeration issue, retaining the powerful properties of graphene. Having discovered the key to industrial scale production of advanced graphene materials, he founded Graphmatech in 2017 as an adventure to turn his invention into business. Dr Taher is CEO and CTO, with a mission to take the world into the graphene age.

Company Profile (GraphMaTech AB)

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Graphmatech are a Swedish graphene technology company, innovating together with industrial partners, finding solutions to help them get ahead in competitive markets. We co-develop graphene-enhanced materials in the metal, polymer composite and energy storage industries, offering enhanced conductivity, strength & surface properties, ideal for reduced wear / low friction, electrical contacts, sensors, coatings or thermal applications. With expert knowledge and a range of patented technologies including our unique Aros Graphene®, Graphmatech are well-placed to address problems where other applications have failed. We are growing rapidly, with investment from ABB Technology Ventures, InnoEnergy, Almi Invest Cleantech Fund and Walerud Ventures.
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