Individualized Medication: 2D & 3D Drug Printing In Pharma (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Dr Markus Dachtler, Founder
DiHeSys-Digital Health Systems

Presentation Summary

Digitalization in Pharma is behind other industry sectors. Individualized Medication by transforming digital health data to e.g. individualized printed formulations down to a batch size of one will start a new era in pharma industry. Further advantages of printed dosage forms are e.g. combination of drugs and excipients which are not compatible with traditional manufacturing techniques enabling the production of polypills with tailor-made release characteristics. Drug printing can be also used for cost-effective dose-finding studies. The presentation gives an overview of 2D & 3D drug printing technologies and recent examples of drug printing in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Speaker Biography (Markus Dachtler)

Dr. Markus Dachtler (MBA, PMP) studied chemistry and is working for more than 14 years in pharmaceutical industry. In 2015 he acquired the company Gen-Plus in Munich, a high-tech GMP lab for contract development (solids, semi-solids, patches, high potents) and innovative pharma technologies, e.g. 2D/3D drug printing. He is also founder of the company DiHeSys-Digital Health Systems. Dr. Dachtler gives regular lectures, has authored more than 20 publications in international journals and also holds several patents. In his scientific career he got several innovation awards and the Richard R. Ernst Prize in 1998.

Company Profile (DiHeSys-Digital Health Systems)

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DiHeSys-Digital Health Systems is a start-up company located in Ulm, Germany and delivers solutions to transform digital information into personalized medication. The company comprises IoT platform systems combined with individualized healthcare solutions, e.g. 2D&3D drug printing as well as e-health applications. Customers are in the field of big pharma, hospitals, health insurances & pharmacies. DiHeSys delivers customized integrated healthcare systems including patient demand-based manufacturing solutions as well as functional healthcare systems in structural-low areas.
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