Novel Materials for Microelectronic Packaging (Printed Electronics USA 2019)

Dr Markus Schindler, Product Manager
DELO Industrial Adhesives


USA 2019 _ Delo Industrial Adhesives _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

Moving forward in the development of microelectronics manufacturing, several challenges are met in the industry. Driven by miniaturization the footprint reduction, especially for encapsulations, is of highest interest. DELO has developed materials allowing for GlobTop-replacement with a drastic footprint reduction while still keeping the chip protected from all sides. In many cases silicones are widely used due to their outstanding stability regarding temperature and chemicals. On the downside, silicones suffer generally from comparably low adhesion. DELO has developed alternative materials to reach a Young's Modulus of <1MPa at RT while keeping the adhesion on a higher level compared to silicones. DELO's materials combine light and heat cure for several reasons. One of these reasons is to improve the stability of the dispensed adhesive bead in a b-stage process, which for instance helps avoiding unwanted spread towards keep-out-zones. Moreover, an initial light fixation can help to lock a component in position to avoid tilt or floating out of position during further handling before the final heat cure takes place.

Speaker Biography (Markus Schindler)

Dr. Markus Schindler graduated in physics at the Technical University of Munich with focus on polymer physics and semiconductor physics. He earned his doctor's degree in the field of experimental polymer physics in 2014 working i.a. on thin films. As a Product Manager at DELO Industrial Adhesives he is responsible for adhesives used in the field of advanced packaging and packaging of MEMS and sensors. He is responsible for the strategic development of new products and processes for microelectronic packaging and for bringing these new solutions to the market.

Company Profile (Delo Industrial Adhesives)

We are a manufacture of high-tech adhesives, but we go a step further: we provide our customers a comprehensive service - helping them to make their processes more efficient to give them an edge over their competitors. Our engineers take all factors into consideration, from the physical constraints of the production line to the requirements on the final product.
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