New Developments In Metal Powders For Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing Europe 2018)

Dr Martin Kearns, Powder Group Director
Sandvik Osprey Ltd

Presentation Summary

Additive Manufacturing has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Here we present an overview of the main alloy systems in use today and describe the key attributes of metal powders that govern performance in AM processes. We highlight the need to customise chemistry, particle size distribution and morphology in order to assure consistent performance and discuss some of the challenges managing powder quality through the AM process. The port-folio of alloys available to parts producers is growing continually and we give examples of some newer systems in development.

Speaker Biography (Martin Kearns)

Doctorate in Metallurgy from Cambridge University with 35 years in the materials industry. Early career working in Advanced Materials with ICI and BP where he was Quality & Technical Manager of BP Metal Composites. 11 years with what is now AMG Group including a year in the US as Strategic Development Director of Shieldalloy in New Jersey. After 5 years with the Aluminium Powder Company ultimately as Managing Director, Martin joined Sandvik Osprey in 2006 as Powder Group Director.

Company Profile (Sandvik)

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Sandvik Osprey is part of the global Sandvik AB Group, based in the UK. It is a world-leading producer of gas atomized metal powder for Metal Injection Moulding, Additive Manufacturing and other specialist applications. Sandvik Osprey today has a production capacity of over 6000MT and a product database exceeding 3000 alloys. Founded 45 years ago, we have been active in AM for 17 years and has unique capabilities in customised alloy development through to large scale serial production.
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