Overcome The Bottleneck: Design Automation In Automotive Additive Manufacturing Applications (3D Printing Europe 2019)

Dr Ole Broeker, Marketing & Business Development
trinckle 3D GmbH

Presentation Summary

Successful applications of 3D printing technology require innovative design approaches. In a context of automotive AM use cases - for instance customized end parts or low volumes of jigs and fixtures - traditional design processes reach their limits. Manual design in conventional CAD software is the new bottleneck of those use cases. It is time-consuming, cost-intensive and requires a high level of CAD and AM knowledge.
Innovative design software is on the market to switch from manual design tasks to automated processes. The presentation will introduce recent best practices in the 3D Printing market, focusing on the automotive industry. These use cases combine the strengths of 3D printing with innovative design creation - driven by software algorithms and end user customization.

Speaker Biography (Ole Broeker)

Dr. Ole Bröker
Head of Business Development - trinckle 3D GmbH
Dr. Ole Bröker is responsible for marketing and business development at trinckle. He studied business administration in Germany and Sweden, received his PhD in B2B Marketing at the University of Münster before joining the young trinckle team in 2014.

Company Profile (trinckle 3D GmbH)

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trinckle develops software for the age of additive manufacturing.
Its core offering, paramate, automates design processes, whether for faster internal product development or for intuitive product configuration by end customers. paramate enables mass customization - regardless whether it concerns patient-specific prostheses, mechanically optimized industrial components or personalized jewelry.
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