Large-Scale Continuous Synthesis Of Nanoparticles For Inkjet Printable Inks (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Dr Pete Gooden, Technical Manager
Promethean Particles Ltd
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

Promethean Particles design and develop bespoke inorganic nanoparticle dispersions by continuous hydrothermal synthesis and are currently commissioning the world's largest continuous hydrothermal reactor system capable of producing multiple materials at ton scale. This technology allows for the continuous production of large volumes of metallic nanoparticles with no observable oxide impurity.
Small uniform particles can enable applications such as low-T sintering conductive inks using metals like Cu and Ag. Also, the reduced particle size provides opportunities in the choice of print method and inkjet printing of these inks shows great promise, particularly for fine-feature circuitry on flexible substrates.
Working with our partners, these materials have been formulated into inkjet printing inks, demonstrated using a Dimatix DMP printer, which display good conductivity of ~50 mΩ/□.
In contrast to lab-scale approaches, industrial manufacturing requires large-volume, inexpensive, and well-controllable processes. By utilising an efficient continuous process which requires low capital expenditure and operating costs, this synthetic route has the potential to revolutionise the production of metal and metal oxide nanoparticle inks. The controlled and continuous production of these nanoparticles delivers a versatile and facile basis for industrial-scale solution processing of inorganic conductors, semiconductors and dielectrics.

Speaker Biography (Pete Gooden)

Pete trained and received his PhD in 2006 from the University of Nottingham in supercritical fluid chemistry, and worked extensively on process engineering with significant emphasis on green chemistry and sustainable technologies. This training led to further research into alternative solvent systems, in particular using ionic liquids as solvents for commercial polymerisation reactions. Pete moved into the industrial sector by joining Promethean in January 2009, Promethean has grown considerably and during 2012 expanded into new larger premises on the Nottingham Science Park; these include laboratories and pilot scale manufacturing. During 2015 Promethean will begin building a 100+ ton per year manufacturing facility in the UK. Currently, as Technical Manager, Pete oversees production and manages all customer projects.

Company Profile (Promethean Particles Ltd)

Promethean Particles Ltd logo
Promethean Particles designs, develops and manufactures inorganic nanoparticle dispersions for the Printed Electronics industry.
PP has developed an efficient and economic route to the production of conductive metal nanoparticle dispersions (e.g. Cu, Ag, Ni) which can be supplied in a range of solvents and formulations perfect for use by ink formulators as a nano-additive or a stand-alone conductive ink.
PP has manufacturing capacity of up to 1000 tons per year. We look forward to working with you to develop the right material for your application.
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