Printed, Flexible Energy Storage And Its Application In Healthcare Patches: The Patch4Life Project (Wearable Europe 2018)

Dr Pritesh Hiralal, Co-Founder & CEO
Zinergy UK Ltd /CITC Ltd
United Kingdom


Europe 2018 Video Presentation - Zinergy UK Ltd /CITC Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

Over the last 9 months we have been developing a wearable patch for monitoring elderly patients. The full patch is designed on a flex PCB and is powered by a combination of energy scavenging and printed energy storage. The presentation will summarise the main results of the project and overview the application of flexible power in healthcare applications.

Speaker Biography (Pritesh Hiralal)

Dr. Pritesh Hiralal, CEO studied Physics and completed his Ph.D. in Engineering at the Cambridge University. He has spent time in business in Spain and set up Casa Hiralal S.L. and Zendal Backup. He has spent time in industry at the Nokia Research Centre working on high power energy storage, and has published 30+ papers and 8 patents in the field. He has consulted for materials as well as energy storage device companies. He spent time as a Research Associate as well as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Cambridge and is now a founder and CEO at Zinergy.

Company Profile (Zinergy UK Ltd /CITC Ltd)

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Zinergy UK Ltd is a start-up founded in 2015 with headquarters in Cambridge. Zinergy is emerging as a company developing state of the art, thin film printed batteries which are mechanically flexible, both primary and rechargeable. Since foundation, Zinergy has been in constant growth and today employs 8 people. Our technology is principally based around zinc electrodes and aims to compete simultaneously in cost and performance, and fill a niche of truly thin batteries below 0.5mm. The application of these batteries complements printed electronics devices, and range as wide as active RFID tags, cards and novelty items, medical patches, etc. The rechargeable version extends this to energy scavenging systems such as solar cells and wearables.
CITC Ltd (Cambridge Innovation Technologies Consulting Ltd) is an SME based in Cambridge (UK) with the mission to provide innovation in high tech fields that require multi-disciplinary approaches and know-how: from bio-electronics, integrated smart sensors and systems to advanced medical solutions. CITC develops partnership programs, helps its customers optimizing their products supply chain, and managing a broad and unique portfolio of technologies. CITC Ltd's patent portfolio is owned solely by the company, in the fields of bio-sensors and bio-electronics, stem cell therapies and business models based on the same. CITC Ltd works in collaboration with Cambridge University across multiple Departments, e.g. Electrical engineering, Physics and Materials science located at the West Campus, and with the Department of Clinical Sciences located at the Biosciences Campus and Addenbrooke's hospital, in Cambridge.
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