Towards The Development Of Performant Silicone Elastomeric Compositions For 3D Printing (3D Printing USA 2017)

Dr Remi Thiria, Research & Development Lab Manager
Elkem Silicones
United States

Presentation Summary

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is becoming more and more widely used in our modern industry. No longer just limited to prototyping in specific industry sectors, 3D Printing has been introduced on an industrial level in various applications and will be an entire part of the factory of the future. Silicones are the material of choice in many industries due to their outstanding properties like biocompatibility, transparency, heat resistance and flexibility at low temperatures. These, combined with the characteristics of 3D printing, offer new possibilities, especially in sectors where personalized items or small series are primarily needed or used. Industry sectors like healthcare, aerospace and biotechnologies, etc., are among others investing heavily in 3D printing/additive manufacturing.
Based on its long experience in silicone formulation, Bluestar Silicones has investigated the integration of silicones as a novel raw material into 3D printing/additive manufacturing. The optimization of silicone products to work for application modes known in 3D printing as material extrusion/jetting and vat photo-polymerization has been conducted. The effects of the key process parameters on the aspect and properties of the 3D-printed part will be also presented and discussed.

Speaker Biography (Remi Thiria)

Dr. Remi Thiria has been with Elkem Silicones for 18 years during which he has held several positions such as polymer chemist and Innovation team leader. His main area of technical expertise is silicone elastomer materials used in high-tech markets such as Healthcare, Textile Coating, Automotive and Transportation. Dr. Remi THIRIA is now responsible for developing and fostering contacts and relationships with academia and professional organizations but also for identifying and conducting initial investigations of 'step change' technologies. Dr. Thiria is located in York, South Carolina, USA.

Company Profile (Elkem Silicones)

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Elkem Silicones offers a full range of silicone materials for medical and electronic applications, including LSRs, HCRs, RTVs, skin adhesives, gels, foams, adhesives and conductive potting materials. In addition, we offer developmental silicone materials suitable for additive manufacturing or 3D printing applications.
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