Shorter time-to-market for improved Organic Electronics materials and devices using a simulation-assisted approach (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Dr Siebe van Mensfoort, CEO
Simbeyond B.V.

Presentation Summary

We show how advanced computer simulations can be used to overcome challenges in Organic Electronic (OE) material and device development. Applications of Simbeyond's simulation tool Bumblebee in the domain of Organic LEDs show how his approach leads to a shorter time-to-market, improved performance and reduced R&D costs.

Speaker Biography (Siebe van Mensfoort)

Siebe van Mensfoort is co-founder and CEO of Simbeyond B.V., a company specialized in molecular-scale software tools for efficiently developing new OLED stacks and materials. In 2009, he obtained his PhD on experiments and modeling of blue solution-processed OLEDs at Philips Research. Before joining Simbeyond, he has worked as Project Manager at Philips Lighting, as Management Consultant at A.T. Kearney and as Business Developer at Prodrive Technologies.

Company Profile (Simbeyond B.V.)

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Simbeyond provides software tools that accelerate the development of advanced materials and high-tech devices as used in state-of-the-art printed, flexible and organic electronics. These software tools enable our customers to replace a large part of their costly and time-consuming experimental research and development efforts with computer simulations. The unique approach provided allows our customers to analyze, predict and improve device performance. This leads to a shorter time-to-market and to reduced R&D costs for the electronic devices of today and tomorrow.
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