Composite Solid-State Electrolytes For Next-Gen Lithium Batteries (Electric Vehicle Materials Europe 2020)

Dr Sumin Zhu, CEO & Co-Founder
Ampcera Inc
United States

Presentation Summary

Ampcera develops innovative and scalable manufacturing processes to make flexible solid-state electrolyte membranes based on ceramic-polymer composites. Advanced solid-state electrolyte materials made from Ampcera's roll-to-roll process can be directly integrated in the latest lithium metal batteries that would double the energy density of today's lithium ion battery and allow the battery to be fast-charged. These composites are flexible materials that offer high ionic conductivity, good chemical stability to lithium and superior capability for lithium dendrite suppression.

Speaker Biography (Sumin Zhu)

Sumin Zhu received PhD in materials science and engineering (ceramics) from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2008. He also completed the MBA-level strategic marketing program from Cornell University. In his professional career, he worked at several multi-national companies in various roles in R&D, product development, marketing and sales, and business management. Sumin and his cofounders started Ampcera Inc. with the mission to commercialize advanced solid-state electrolyte materials and accelerate the development of next generation lithium batteries with doubled energy density, faster charging, better safety, and lower cost.

Company Profile (Ampcera)

Ampcera is a U.S. based innovator and global leader in the development and commercialization of solid-state electrolyte materials and manufacturing technologies. With 100+ industry customers and R&D partners from 10+ countries, Ampcera is currently collaborating with major automotive OEMs and battery makers to accelerate the integration of its solid-state electrolyte technologies in high-performance lithium batteries with high energy density, low cost, inherent safety advantages and fast charging performance. Ampcera is headquartered in the Silicon Valley in Milpitas, CA with a research and development laboratory located in Tucson, AZ.
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