Dynapic® Wireless - The Button for a Lifetime (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013)

Mr Sven Mumenthaler, Head of R&D
Algra AG
Apr 18, 2013.


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Presentation Summary

  • Dynapic Wireless - The self-powered piezoelectric wireless switch
  • Extended lifetime of an energy harvesting button through optimized construction
  • Reliability and security of a wireless key
  • Power management in a single burst source scenario

Speaker Biography (Sven Mumenthaler)

Sven Mumenthaler holds a Master degree in Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich. During his post graduation, he interned at Nestlé in Malaysia which allowed him to hone his practical know-how. He successfully completed his Master thesis at Bar Ilan University, Israel. Inspired by his entrepreneurial skills he later founded EasyType Ltd, selling educational software to learn typewriting.
He has a profound career of six years as an analog IC designer at NXP in Zurich and later at Espros Photonics in Baar, developing mobile multimedia processors and interface ICs. Since 2011, he heads the R&D team of Algra on different projects to improve and explore the nuances of piezoelectric input systems. He plays a vital role in projects involving Energy Harvesting applications for wireless systems using piezoelectric harvestors, particularly as Dynapic® Wireless, the world's first piezo switch without battery, cables or wear.

Company Profile (ALGRA)

ALGRA logo
ALGRA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of custom-made printed plates, panels and input systems. The company specializes in keyboards based on the piezoelectric effect. Decades of experience, patented technologies, modern production facilities and thrive for perfection make ALGRA a unique partner for companies with exceeding demand in function, durability and design.
ALGRA offers two different technologies for piezoelectric-based input systems: Dynapic® and Dynasim®. Both technologies enable to mass-produce vandal-resistant keyboards that can withstand more than ten million switching cycles. The keyboards are extremely slim and have homogeneous surfaces with an attractive appearance thanks to a wide choice of applicable material, such as metal, glass, polymers and more.
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