Designing Lasting Performance In Flexible Electronics (Wearable USA 2018)

Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, Vice President
Yuasa System Co Ltd
United States

Presentation Summary

YUASA SYSTEMS, the global provider of endurance testing systems, to mark its twenty-fifth anniversary, will show case industry-leading bending, flexing and stretching high-performance architectures and, will unveil, for the first time ever, new solution concepts at this year's IDTECHEX show.
As electronics system designs shift from rigid state to being made from flexible hybrid materials and components, innovators require a new method of continuous and lasting performance design and testing.
New form factors in components and products are continuously being introduced today; ranging from, advanced smartphones and wearable sensors; smart IoT speakers with AI; and in technologies such as curved screens, metal ink compounds, batteries, antennas and new material components found in electric and autonomous vehicles and elsewhere.
YUASA SYSTEMS support innovators, with a series of unique, scalable, and modular endurance testing solutions for ambient and hostile conditions, with the added ability to measure performance throughout the enhanced testing cycle. Our off-the shelf and custom solutions are engineered for long-run usability, throughput & efficiency; to support American innovation spanning from advanced R&D, prototype development to mass manufacturing needs.
YUASA SYSTEMS reaffirm its US tailored support programs available to all innovators from academia, government, start-ups as well as corporations and; continues to commit to make available on a permanent basis, its most cutting-edge flexible hybrid electronics solutions at Nextflex, a US Government and Private partnership for advanced manufacturing facility located in San Jose, California.

Company Profile (Yuasa System Co Ltd)

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YUASA SYSTEM Company Ltd, is an award winning provider of multi-purpose endurance testing machines and systems for flexible displays, OLED devices, flexible substrates, flat cables and films in smartphones, tablets, wearables, automobiles and healthcare. A wide variety of emerging global standard endurance tests (bend, twist, fold, roll-up, push) be interchanged and performed on a desktop unit up to an environmental chamber. For more info; Proud member, SEMI and SID. Offices in Okayama, Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco and worldwide agents.
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