Electric Vehicle Design Using the Mass-Decompounding Principle (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing)

Dr Tim Woolmer, CTO/Founder
Yasa Motors
United Kingdom
Apr 28, 2015.

Presentation Summary

It is widely recognised that developing a low cost electric vehicle with a >200 mile range is essential to the long-term success of the electric vehicle. However, what is often not understood is the interaction between subsystems to achieve this overall aim. In particular, this presentation looks at the role of the motor and the battery technology and their interaction in electric vehicle design

Speaker Biography (Tim Woolmer)

Tim is the CTO at YASA motors, a company he founded in 2009 after his PhD. The YASA motor has been developed into a world leading technology in terms of power and torque density. A recent example application is the Koenigsegg Regera 1800hp, launched at this year's Geneva motor show. The company has recently raised £5M of equity to increase the manufacturing capability to meet growing customer demand in both automotive and industrial sectors.

Company Profile (YASA Motors)

YASA Motors logo
YASA Motors manufactures a highly differentiated advanced axial flux motor and generator based on its proprietary Yokeless And Segmented Armature (YASA™) technology. For a given power & torque requirement, YASA can deliver a significantly smaller and lighter electric motor than any other competing technology. Furthermore, the technology is inherently lower cost than competitor motors due to the exceptionally high utilisation of magnetic material.
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