Electrophoretic Deposition of Unfunctionalized Graphene for Supercapacitor Applications (Supercapacitors Europe 2013)

Dr Chunhong Lei,
University of Surrey
United Kingdom
Apr 17, 2013.

Speaker Biography (Chunhong Lei)

Dr. C.Lei obtained PhD degree in the field of conducting polymers and AFM in Cardiff University, UK, in 2004. Following this, he has worked on several research projects in different Universities in UK, including: polymer colloids and its CNT-nanocomposite structure; novel photovoltaic solar cell and field effect transistor devices based on semiconducting liquid crystals materials; and now supercapacitors based on carbon nanocomposite electrodes and organic electrolytes.

Company Profile (University of Surrey)

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Project name: "AUTOSUPERCAP", funded by Framework Programme for Research (FP7). The project is to develop materials and novel supercapacitors for automotive applications. The novel supercapacitors will be expected to have very high energy and power density.
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