Energy-autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks for Critical Applications (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2013)

Dr Philippe Dallemagne, Deputy Section Head
Apr 17, 2013.


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Presentation Summary

  • The advances in WSN technologies and the growing offering of wireless standards and commercial off the shelf systems have led to rapid growth in the numbers of WSN deployments. In many cases however the benefits of wireless sensor networks cannot be realised due to the highly demanding constraints of the application.
  • In such critical applications it is imperative to adopt a system-based approach in order to ensure not only that individual components are optimised, but also their seamless integration. CSEM has been addressing such bespoke systems for more than 10 years, and has developed an unrivalled expertise in WSN deployments for critical applications.
  • This presentation will consider some of the demanding requirements in applications such as aeronautic applications, fail-safe transportation systems and networks in extreme environmental conditions using the examples of actual deployments.
  • Key parameters to be considered include system autonomy (battery-free systems), real-time operation, complexity and safety considerations.

Speaker Biography (Philippe Dallemagne)

Dr. Philippe Dallemagne joined CSEM in 1999. He is currently managing projects at CSEM in the domains of energy-autonomous wireless sensor networks, real-time communication and dynamic complex systems. He received his PhD in Computer Science in 1998 from the Université Henri Poincaré of Nancy, France. Before joining CSEM, he worked for IBM Analysis and Design Tools Lab. in Paris. He has an extensive experience of the software design and development in the context of industrial automation and telecommunications and on computer-assisted software engineering. He is the author of several papers in International Conferences. He is also the Swiss representative and Secretary of the IFIP Technical Committee 5.

Company Profile (CSEM Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique SA)

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CSEM is a private Swiss research and technology organization (RTO). Our 400-strong workforce specializes in micro- and nanotechnologies, systems and surface engineering, and low-power information and communications technologies. Our mission is to deliver advanced technologies and unique R&D services to industry by targeting emerging, strategic, high-impact technologies for the benefit of our customers and partners. In this way new products are brought to market and new ventures are continuously created. Our technologies are able to address the needs of a very wide range of fields, from healthcare, watch-making, aerospace, security and medical, to consumer electronics and cleantech.
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