Energy Harvesting - Practical Installation Achievements (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2010)

Mr Roy Freeland, CEO
United Kingdom
Nov 16, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • Vibration Energy Harvesting has been powering WSN's for several years
  • Successful installations of perpetually powered WSN's will be illustrated
  • Reasons for success will be explained
  • New standards are being developed to make it easier to select the optimum power source

Speaker Biography (Roy Freeland)

Roy joined Perpetuum as CEO in 2004. A Cambridge engineer graduate, he has over 25 years international experience in senior positions at technology-based companies. Prior to joining the company he successfully ran Meggitt Electronics, was Group General Manager at Bowthorpe (Spirent) and CEO of United Industries.

Company Profile (Perpetuum)

Perpetuum logo
Perpetuum engineered, produced and commercialized the world's first practical electromagnetic vibration harvesting micro-generator delivering the power required to transmit large amounts of autonomous wireless sensor data reliably from remote assets.
Today, Perpetuum is the global leader in vibration energy harvesting. Perpetuum will continues to lead the industry toward realizing the full potential of vibration energy harvesting power solutions for wireless automation and rail transport.
An award winning technology, Perpetuum energy harvesting products are the world's choice for high-power, precision-engineered, scalable electromagnetic vibration energy harvester-powered solutions for wireless systems.
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