Examples Of Advanced Semiconductor Sensor Technologies Playing A Key Role In Today's Robotics Applications (Sensors Europe 2018)

Mr Heinz Oyrer, Director, Marketing & Business Development Automotive & Industrial Group
IDT Europe GmbH


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Presentation Summary

As the revolution in robot development continues over the next decade there are major challenges still ahead. Besides security and safety concerns as well connecting autonomous robots to the cloud there are necessary technology improvements required in how robots move, see and sense their surroundings. This presentation shows selected examples of semiconductor solutions playing a key role in sensor technology. Solid state laser detection and ranging (LIDAR) enabling detection and ranging in UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) sense-and-avoid applications. Laser distance sensing (LDS) providing short to long distance range distance measurements as well combining rotation structure to do 360 degree sensing to build up a floor map for both indoor and outdoor usage. And, inductive position sensing (IPS) providing the fine joint position feedback information and aids in joint motor commutation to achieve human like qualities, and in particular fluid limb movement where off-axis measurements and higher/scalable resolution is needed.

Speaker Biography (Heinz Oyrer)

Mr. Heinz Oyrer is currently a Director for Marketing and Business Development in IDT's Automotive and Industrial Group providing solutions for automotive, industrial, and robotics sensor markets. He joined Integrated Device Technology in August 2016 as a strategic marketing and business development consultant. In his 20+ years of semiconductor industry experience he has held numerous senior corporate, product and strategic marketing management positions in leading companies including SEZ Group, Lam Research, AT&S and ams AG. Mr. Oyrer holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the Technical University Vienna, Austria and an Executive Master of Business Administration of the IMADEC University®School of Business, Vienna, Austria & McComb Business School, Austin, USA.

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