Flexible Aluminum-Nanoceramic Material for TEG Packaging (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2015)

Dr Pavel Shashkov, CEO
Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd
United Kingdom
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

UK based Cambridge Nanotherm have developed a unique flexible substrate with high thermal conductivity. The novel material is based on Aluminum foil with a flexible nanoceramic dielectric surface layer. The first commercial TEGs using Al-Nanoceramic substrates instead of organic film packaging material saw an increase of the device Seebeck coefficient of over 30%.

Speaker Biography (Pavel Shashkov)

Dr Pavel Shashkov is a serial technology entrepreneur with a solid scientific and technical background and a Ph.D in Physics and Mathematics. Dr. Shashkov is the inventor of flexible dielectric ceramic technology. He is a founding director of Cambridge Nanotherm Limited, a UK based company specialising in the development of innovative thermal management solutions based on proprietary nanoceramic technology. Dr. Shashkov is a Winner of DuPont Plunkett Award for Innovation and UK Clean Tech Ideas Competition in 2011.

Company Profile (Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd)

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Founded in 2010 Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd develops the highest performance thermal management substrates for electronics. Using a patented nanoceramic coating process Nanotherm manufacture PCBs, flexible substrates and semiconductor packaging materials which keep electronics cool. Nanotherm substrates are used in applications where outstanding thermal conductivity and dielectric strength are required.
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